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Ashley Tegart

My current WIP requires a ton of foreshadowing, so I’m having to hone this skill as well. Some parts of foreshadowing I plan in advance while other elements fall in place while I’m drafting. I think I’ve used all five techniques listed above. XD

One thing I like to use for foreshadowing….hmm. I don’t know if there’s a name for it. But I like to thematically foreshadow events, have certain outcomes for early events be repeated with big, climactic events having similar outcomes. Or an event in the story’s history foreshadowing something that will happen again in the present story. I think this can really work toward thematic cohesion in a story and I’m liking how it’s turning out in my WIP.

Another kind of foreshadowing can come from creating tension and building up to an event the reader already knows is coming. The Clone Wars show does this so well—dropping little things here and there, building up to what anyone who has seen the Star Wars prequel films knows is coming. Reveal information early on and then continue to add little details, creating a sense of time running out. Maybe this isn’t foreshadowing in the technical sense, but it can have the same affect of weaving together a cohesive narrative where no detail is wasted and nothing comes out of the blue. It’s also helpful if I have concerns that a plot twist is too obvious, no matter how overt or veiled I make the foreshadowing. Give the reader the “big reveal” earlier on, then build up to the inevitable.

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