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I got Scrivener for my birthday and I really love it! It helps keep everything organized without having to open dozens of folders for it.

I have a section for each chapter, with a couple of sentences on the corkboard feature so I can see the whole outline at once. It’s also pretty easy to change and move around. (Which I do a lot XD)

I repeat this for the second draft, and I have separate folders for the outlines. I also tag each chapter by the POV and whether it’s fast-paced or slow. (that’s a personal thing, I tend to struggle with pacing so I want to make sure I don’t have massive lagging pieces.) I also mark out the biggest plot points so I can make sure they fall in the right places.

Otherwise, I have a notebook cluttering around that I sometimes take notes in and I sometimes write a couple sentences in my phone’s notepad when inspiration strikes suddenly. (Sometimes I forget to provide context and find it weeks later like “???” XD)

Anyway, I like Scrivener, it works for me! I like having my stuff organized, but I hate organizing it XD So it usually means I organize everything while I’m procrastinating and then make a mess for a couple weeks until I reorganize everything again XD

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