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Thank you 🙂

My cat’s name is Shibby (husband named her … and the parrot ‘Chicken’). Although we don’t have squirrels, Shibby did command an army of (5?) bush turkeys. At the current house, she dislikes any other animal (esp. cats) coming close though. Does Patches get on well with other animals?

My sister drew my avatar for my Math tutoring business. She draws a lot of my stuff actually (anything digital is probably by her).

Hi @michelle

I write fantasy. My current WIP is a HS teacher (who could be a ‘hero’ but doesn’t want it) teaching a classroom full of (mostly) non-Human students at a Human school. Of course, many problems don’t necessarily relate to their schooling. What do you write?

I’ve had my cat since I got married (nearly 4 years ago) she came with my husband (he has had her for about 18 years now).

(I have no idea how the emoji got so big – it was a surprise when I posted it.)


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