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Brian Stansell


Bronte, those are brilliant!!!

This one is delightfully cryptic!

1) Bartering souls, in return for legalities.

Intriguing! This could be a byline for a story or novel.

4) Fish swam. Cat ate. Human oblivious.

Not to knock those…sinister squirrels, but the Cat has long had that “aloof awareness” down pat.

As a nod to those finicky felines, here’s one for the cats out there…

“The cats and their human toys…”

Too “puppetmaster” creepy? 😳

And this one…

3) Across the seas, the guilt swam.

Ahh! Yes, I see Leviathan rising… [Jaws Movie music…] Beautifully done.  This is one you should get roses and take a bow for.

2) Magic can cast what truth doesn’t.

Yes, yes, yes! See, I knew you’d be good at this!

You’ve inspired another…

Magic cloaked. Magicians Misdirect. Truth reveals.

Bravo! Bravo!

We’ve missed you!

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