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Another excellent response from Rose. I really do appreciate your advice and replies.

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help!

I guessed as much. xD Foreshadowing (though not necessarily good foreshadowing) seems to come spontaneously to many writers.

That, and many revisions XD Beta readers are the one thing that is really necessary for foreshadowing. If you’re plotting, you can’t accurately estimate how obvious a twist will be, so readers help a lot.

I am actually a huge fan of prologues. I don’t like long, drawn out prologues, and I really don’t like prologues that sections from future in the story, but prologues that show a glimpse of evil or the villain, some relevant historical event from the past, or a hint at some plan of a character or antagonist I really enjoy. I love using them cold opens to set the tone.

That’s totally cool as well! It’s mostly a stylistic choice and I already dislike openings, so I try to write only one XD But one of my future projects is going to need a prologue. I think the key thing is to make it as interesting as possible. As with everything 🙂

Sorry for the late response, I got covid, not a particularly enjoyable experience. xD

I’m so sorry you got sick! Get well soon!

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