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Brian Stansell


Hi Michelle!

I used to be active on Story Embers but took a break for a while. Now I’m back and that’s how I met Lily (I’m babbling on, sorry) It’s nice to meet you Brian

Same here.  I joined in early SE in 2018, but have become more engaged lately.

It is very nice to meet you too! 😊

2020 reminded me of how much I needed to connect with more people, and especially those in the family of faith.  I am particularly grateful to have you guys, my fellow creatives, to share in our writing journeys.

I hope to hear more from you and about what you’ve been up to and working on.

I’ve started a few scattered topics in the Forums, of late and would love you and others to chime in too.  Have you heard about “Audio Cinema”?  Check it out.  Also, @erynne started a Topic called “Completely Useless Character Game” that is anything but useless.  It has generated a bunch of great speculations on characters simply by linking in a Character picture and answering some questions based on the picture alone. [Great fun!]  You should check it out.

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