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Noah Cochran

Another excellent response from Rose. I really do appreciate your advice and replies. šŸ™‚

Iā€™m going to be completely blunt, I usually just wing it

I guessed as much. xD Foreshadowing (though not necessarily good foreshadowing) seems to come spontaneously to many writers.

I am actually a huge fan of prologues. I don’t like long, drawn out prologues, and I really don’t like prologues that sections from future in the story, but prologues that show a glimpse of evil or the villain, some relevant historical event from the past, or a hint at some plan of a character or antagonist I really enjoy. I love using them cold opens to set the tone.

Those were apt examples from the False Prince.

Sorry for the late response, I got covid, not a particularly enjoyable experience. xD


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