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Natalie Cone

@obrian-of-the-surface-world I’ve read your latest response three times with tear-filled eyes and I need to go through it a few more. Here’s what’s hitting me hard about your words: everything you have said in this thread DIRECTLY addresses the original post that was lost … Plus more. Several times I’ve read over my post to see if, somehow, the lost post DID, in fact, make an appearance, because I am floored at how God’s voice is so clear through your responses.

My husband’s responses to my expressions of writing anguish mimic yours in a neat, short way: “Don’t fight it. Write it.” I’ve sworn to get it printed on a t-shirt and hat one day. He insists that I should just simply write what is in my heart without apology or explanation. I, then, have no idea what to do with it once it is written, which is the perfect opportunity for the Enemy to say, “See, you didn’t do it right. It doesn’t look like the others. Real writers write novels. This is silly. You don’t have anywhere to put it because no one wants to read it.” Despite his frustration and utter confusion over writing, my husband is both a pillar and a soft place to land.
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Sometimes peering into the darkness and the bleakness of the sea of humanity might bring you to despair, but remember, the Titanic is sinking, and you are a spotter in one of the lifeboats.  Let God direct you to where to call attention to a drowning victim. Remember as a “spotter” you cannot also “row the lifeboat there”, but you can ask God to focus you on who in the surfeiting sea is still resisting the cold darkness and sincerely seeking. God will get the boat there, just hold up the light for them.

With beautiful irony, you have shed light on a restricting root that has slithered it’s way into the creative parts of my heart. “Never venture into the darkness for the sake of creativity. You don’t need to be acquainted with the darkness in order to know the Light.” It’s not true, though. Writing the darkness is equivalent to fighting next to someone in the trenches. It doesn’t mean I’ll lose sight of the Light … Because Christ is IN me, therefore, I am capable of being someone who holds up His light in the darkness.

There are so many more things I really want to tell you about what you’ve said and how God just used you, but I have to go. More later!

Peace, Love, and Pickles! ✌

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