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Hi Natalie!  I like your choice of themes.

Ah, I’m working on a middle-grade novel too!  What’s the premise of yours, if you don’t mind me asking? *high-fives fellow middle-grade writer*

nataliecone wrote:

“You also said you guys needed some short story writers, which also is music to my soul, because it seems most “real” writers are novel writers.”

I have to disagree 🙂 I’ve learned that ‘real’ writers include novel writing, non-fiction writing, short, long, and everywhere in between (even journalism!)  Even famous writers often start out with short stories (and still write them after they’ve written novels)  Short stories are really popular; I’ve seen a lot of people doing anthologies of short stories, as well as magazines, websites, etc.

In fact, Story Embers is accepts short story submissions (you can find their guidelines under the About menu, if you’re interested), and every year they host a short story contest (it’s over for this year, but they bring it back every spring/summer).


“Short stories are not the sign of diminutive writers.  Which of Jesus’s parables was a full-length novel?  Was O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) not a success because he never crossed the 100-page mark?  Short stories are often more widely read because they ARE short and more accessible to a time-pressed audience.”

So true!  And sometimes what’s left unsaid can be just as powerful!  I love the punch short stories can bring.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. — Ernest Hemingway

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