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Natalie Cone

Brian, thanks for the helpful info and encouragement! You said, “We are often a misunderstood group because God calls each one of us down a unique path of gift expression.” This was a comfort to me, as I feel like a misfit in every atmosphere. You also said you guys needed some short story writers, which also is music to my soul, because it seems most “real” writers are novel writers (I often have a complex that short stories are nothing more than practice for the big leagues). It’s a negative mindset on my part.

I just don’t know what to do with these short stories. They’re too dark-ish for Christian markets. But I can’t seem to find magazines that they’ll fit in the secular market.

Maybe God’s silence is due to the fact that I’m asking the wrong questions. Maybe I should be asking where to put these things, rather than badgering Him for affirmation that I’m writing in the right direction.


Peace, Love, and Pickles! ✌

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