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Natalie Cone

Hi!! I’m so happy to see your comments! I’m sorry if it seemed my post was complaining … The irony in the moment wasn’t lost on me. 😆


Joy, nice to meet you! Your questions are fun ones!

1) What themes do you most enjoy incorporating into your stories?

Darkness, irony, triumph, courage, crossroads, hope

2) What are some of your favorite books?

Savvy series by Ingrid Law, Pax by Sara Pennypacker, Monstrous Devices by Damien Love, The Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis

3) What music genres/groups/artists do you like?

I don’t even know how to describe it … 🤣 Some examples would be Butterfly Water by Pastelle, What Are We Waiting For by Ruelle, Hummingbird by Id3 & Soundmouse

4) Pineapple on pizza? Yes! Sweet, salty and tart in one delicious experience!

Peace, Love, and Pickles! ✌

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