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The siblings as best friends is the entire premise of my novel as well! XD

Awesome! That’s the Paul one, right? Cool! I like that they have a good relationship, it’s way too rare!

Usually, protagonists are only children, which is rather a pity because sibling relationships are inherently interesting. It’s completely different from friendships, although it shares some elements. If the two characters weren’t siblings, they might never be friends, just because their personalities and interests are often completely different. So, you get a lot of interesting conflict!

This is certainly the case in my WIP. The elder, Gavril, is the personification of the hero/paragon archetype and his main goal in life is to be a perfect person and fix the world. (No pressure XD He’s basically permanently stressed.)

While the younger, Liorah (my MC) is overall rebellious, obstinate, and so contrary the only way to get her to do anything is to tell her to do the opposite. She couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks and probably hasn’t thought anything through in her entire life.

I have no idea how the two still get along XD They’re actually closer than you might think, though there’s always a thread of jealousy from Liorah’s side because Gavril seems perfect and has a tendency to overshadow everyone.

I actually do have deep psychological reasons for why they’re like that, but that’s irrelevant XD

I also really like girly-girls who aren’t treated as shallow, because being a girly-girl is just a small part of someone’s personality and doesn’t at all mean they’re nothing but lipstick and mascara.

Exactly! I’ve often found that girly girls are automatically assumed to be incompetent, prissy, or outright evil. (I’m thinking of the ‘mean, popular girl’ in every high-school drama.)

I have a side character who is the epitome of girly. She usually wears colorful dresses or skirts, lots of jewelry, makeup, spends a lot of time on her hair, etc. But she’s also one of the cleverest and most competent characters and she usually has several knives on her at any given time. She’s adorable and I love her so much XD

Writing a huge family must indeed be a task, but it sounds so fun!

It’s hard but really awesome! That family is probably my favorite to write, just because there are so many dynamics to write. It’s the best XD

Hmm, a least favorite trope. I’d say the “woe is me” protagonist, the one who complains about anything and everything, pities himself, and gets angry because no one pities him. (Because he doesn’t deserve to be pitied.) I get that the character arc is usually supposed to be that at the end, he realizes that helping others and selflessly bringing light and joy to the world is what he needs to be doing. And that would be awesome if it were done right, but I feel like the majority of “woe is me” protagonists either never confront their problem of self-pity directly, or at the end they’re just happy and supposedly “changed” because they got their way.

Ohhh, yes!! I hate those, they usually make me want to throw the book through the window. I think another main issue with that is that they’re so egotistical and always take themselves seriously. Characters who occasionally poke fun at themselves are way more interesting XD

I think some of my least favorite tropes are “Overpowered chosen one that is extremely bland but everyone loves them.”

I hate those protagonists, they’re just annoying. Like… competence is generally a likable trait in a character, but it’s so dumb to hear the other characters ranting about how awesome the main character is, especially when you can see they’re the blandest character who ever lived.

Also, characters without agency. It’s plain, outright annoying. You could technically call this the ‘damsel in distress’ trope, but it doesn’t just apply to female characters. I recently read a trope that flipped this so the love interest was kidnapped and the princess had to rescue him, which is actually an interesting idea, but the execution was terrible.

The love interest (Although overall quite likable) was about as useful as a sack of grain and was just passed back and forth like a MacGuffin. I don’t think he did a single thing of his own initiative.

Oh, and the “Lost royal” trope. Like… seriously. Why? I got attached to this character and their backstory, why are you trying to make them seem cool now, at the end of the story?

Cliche villains are also annoying. Whenever someone just claims the villain is insane and makes them do very see-through, stupid plot stuff, so the hero seems cool, I always get irritated. It’s much more fun to make your villains mean their villainy and make them do it to the best of their ability. Claiming insanity is a cheap cop-out IMO.

Wow, I hate a lot of tropes XD What’s your favorite setting to read, or your favorite setting that you’ve read?

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