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Brian Stansell


So, here’s another one…

Mount Sunday which served as the Fortress of Edoras of the King Theodin of Rohan

The set was built on this elongated rocky hill in the midst of the mountain valley.  The valley is known for its extremely high winds that pass through the valley.  The entire set had a central anchor point that is the only remain evidence that a movie set was built there.  The anchor is a tripod of metal with a shaft drilled and driven into the main rock on the upper part of the hill.

There is a scene in the movie where Eowyn (played by Miranda Otto) stands on the high porch of the front of the Great Hall of Theodin and the White Horse Flag of King Theodin flies loose as Aragon, Gandalf and Legolas ride up. Those winds often blew the set apart, so it had to be rebuilt.

A NZ patrolman once parked his vehicle in a dry wash below Mount Sunday and climbed up to the summit to investigate something.  And when he returned back down to his vehicle, the fine grains of sand in the valley, driven by the winds, had sandblasted some of the paint off of the side of his vehicle facing the brunt of the wind.

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