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Yes, house rules are very important! (even if they’re such a bother 😇 )

Clueless me, I did not know FB now owns Instagram. (dadgummit!)  IF I had known, I would have put them on some other platform.  I’m getting very frustrated by Big Tech’s malignancy to conservative Christian Americans. I wish there was a Faith-based alternative.

Ikr! Facebook has just overrun everything and become its own political entity! Like most news outlets and media :(. (btw kibosh is like one of the funnest words to say like kudos and discombobulate!). Yeah, my mom left Facebook and after it banned Trump I’ve heard rumors that he’s started his own social media thing…

Can you guess what this one is? Link to a LOTR Location

Wowww Hobbiton! 😍*forget a house I want a hobbithole* <3 Every time I watch LOTR I end up staring at the scenery like there’s so much to climb and explore!!

Perhaps I can link one every now and then. Anything particular you would like to see? Mount Sunday (which served as the location for the Hall of King Theodin of Rohan)? Hobbiton, The Green Dragon Inn & tavern, Bilbo’s Hole at Bag End?  A general view of the Hobbiton movie set near Matamata, NZ? The Misty Mountains.

Thank you thank you thank you! Oooh I’d love to see more of King Theodin’s Hall it was so gorgeous…and the Misty Mountains…which ones were your favorites? Do they have the same atmosphere or do they feel more like a museum when you’re actually there? (I love going through museums except they always have the rule to not touch anything and that’s the one rule I can hardly never follow…) It must be so so cool to see those places!!!

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