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Joy C. Woodbury


The siblings as best friends is the entire premise of my novel as well! XD

I also really like girly-girls who aren’t treated as shallow, because being a girly-girl is just a small part of someone’s personality and doesn’t at all mean they’re nothing but lipstick and mascara.

Writing a huge family must indeed be a task, but it sounds so fun!

Hmm, a least favorite trope. I’d say the “woe is me” protagonist, the one who complains about anything and everything, pities himself, and gets angry because no one pities him. (Because he doesn’t deserve to be pitied.) I get that the character arc is usually supposed to be that at the end, he realizes that helping others and selflessly bringing light and joy to the world is what he needs to be doing. And that would be awesome if it were done right, but I feel like the majority of “woe is me” protagonists either never confront their problem of self-pity directly, or at the end they’re just happy and supposedly “changed” because they got their way.

In the rain the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river

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