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That’s an interesting situation and plot! I like how they managed to get messages to each other, that’s really clever!


Oh, that’s cool! What form of art do you make fan art with? Like Drawing, painting, etc.

I draw digitally! I actually finished it today, and I’m quite happy with how it came out! It’s a drawing of her at the reaping because that was just such a cool moment and I loved the description of the rainbow dress.

Same! I thought of him as like seventies at the latest, but I guess not. Wasn’t the Hunger Games Katniss was in the 65 one?

Nope, she was in the 74th and 75th ones! So Snow was… Assuming he was 18 during the 10th Hunger games… (I think they mentioned that) he was about 83! Wow, that’s pretty old!

Oh, that is sorta cool that she coulda been in District 13, even though Katniss didn’t see her. I like that idea too. haha. But ya, in reality she probably would have died, especially if she was injured by Snow. After all, it’s a long way from District 12 to 13, especially for an injured person.

True! Actually, I do like that the author left her ending so open. It makes it far more intriguing than if we actually found out what happened to her but less devastating than if he’d actually killed her. Though… that would make a good ending too. Not that I need to hate him any more. XD

What?!? Where did you come up with the idea that Maude Ivory was Katniss’s great grandma? I never heard that, but that would be really cool and make tons of sense.

It’s been going around on social media, I saw it on Instagram and YouTube, I think. The original theory was that Lucy Gray was Katniss’ grandmother, but that would mean she came back to district 12, and she clearly stated she wouldn’t.

It’s also stated that Maude Ivory remembers a song after hearing it only once, so she’d be the only one to remember The Hanging Tree so accurately. The Covey might have broken up after Lucy left, and even if they didn’t, they’d probably drift apart eventually.

So Maude Ivory probably got married to someone from the Seam, which explains why Katniss can have the classic Seam look. There might even be another generation between her and Katniss’ father, but still, it makes sense that the songs got passed along.

Both The Valley Song, Down in the Meadow, and The Hanging Tree are sung in the Hunger Games, and Katniss says she learned them from her father, who was an excellent singer. All three of those songs are sung by Lucy, which means Maude Ivory also knew them.

Personally, I think it’s a really cool theory and I accept it as more or less canon! XD

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