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Hmm, some others I like are shy/antisocial protagonists (as long as it’s portrayed well), siblings who are best friends, the reluctant adoptive parent and mischievous adoptive child, the creepy and mysterious villain, and the villain with a tragic past.

Ooh, those are awesome! Lemme see… I have all of those in my WIP, except for the reluctant adoptive parent and adoptive child. I will actually have an accidental adoption situation, but it isn’t really reluctant.

I also really love the siblings as best friends trope! It’s basically the driving force behind my entire series and it’s really fun!

Some more I thought of are melodramatic characters, (Like, intentionally, not as bad writing), girly-girl characters who aren’t treated as shallow, and main characters who aren’t orphans. I mean, it is hard to write a younger protagonist and have them do plot stuff without their parents stopping them, but you can work your way around it and I really like seeing close, supportive families in fiction because it’s really rare.

Also, families with more than two children. In my current WIP, one of the protagonists comes from a family of seven and it’s the most glorious chaotic thing to write XD Though, it’s hard juggling so many dynamics at the same time and trying to write a conversation with so many people.

What is one of your least favorite tropes?

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