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Joy C. Woodbury


Hello! I’m doing well, thank you for asking. It’s great to meet you, too!

Wow. Let me just say that your response was super inspiring to read. I could not agree more about the YA books about flawless and desirable protagonists. I cannot count the number of books I’ve read where the female MC is soooo beautiful and knows it and all the guys fall in love with her just by looking at her. *rolls eyes* I absolutely love that you’re portraying a character who is not beautiful by societal standards, but who will look into herself and find where true beauty lies.

I also completely agree with you on the enemies to lovers trope. It doesn’t sit well with me how so many of those relationships are just toxic, and I think it sends a super unhealthy message. I really want to read your books now!

Thanks for the advice on inspiration, I will definitely be using it!

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