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Hello! How are you? It’s nice to meet you 🙂

That’s an excellent question. So my WIP is based on Irish mythology, and that sort of came about after I gained an interest in Greek mythology. I decided I wanted to write a novel based on Greek mythology, so I was super mad when I found out that my idea had already been taken (i.e. Percy Jackson) lol. But I still pursued that idea, and all of a sudden when I was 13, the idea randomly hit me. Why not do Irish mythology? XD

X-Men inspired me to write about a world that is heavily divided between two races, those who have powers and the ordinary people. One thing I have noticed is that there are loads of films and books about the magic people being oppressed by humans. So I decided to turn that on its head. Instead, my Faerie race are the oppressors oppressing humans.

I also get loads of inspiration from the books and novels I read. Particularly after watching Stranger Things and Star Wars the Force Awakens (people are going to kill me for saying this, but I really like that film and I love Rey. I also liked the Rise of Skywalker but I did NOT like the Last Jedi XD), I was really inspired to write about a girl who could move things with her mind, born with a power she couldn’t control. I just wanted to write about someone who would be my ideal hero, someone I could relate to, who was like me.

I struggled a lot with self-image growing up, especially because I felt that all the girls in my class in school were much much prettier than me. I told myself that lads didn’t like me because of how I looked. And it really annoyed me when I read YA fantasy books about SUPER gorgeous people who were desirable by all. It still annoys me! So I decided to fight against that. My protagonist has a huge scar across half her face and neck, is smallish and is definitely not on skinny side if you get me. So she is definitely not beautiful by societal standards. I think that’s what will make her future romance even more amazing 🙂

I also plan on writing a romance for my protagonist, between her and a villain-ish character who redeems himself. That sort of came about as a result of a dissatisfaction with the enemies to lovers trope in media. All of the examples I have seen have been just either super toxic or downright ridiculous or both (*cough* Rey and Kylo Ren *cough*). So I wanted to take that trope and do it just right. Please God I can do that somehow.

That’s all I suppose. And my ideas changed a lot overtime, so there have been hundreds of different little things that became inspirations 🙂

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