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Ya, same with me. In the beginning I thought he was okay, but wasn’t sure how he could go from being pretty nice (sometimes) to what he is in the Hunger Games, so I was a little wary of him even though I sorta wanted to like him. But it’s true that I really didn’t like him even more at the end. I listened to the songs and they are cool!  I like the tunes she puts with the words.

I think the Ballad is better after you’ve read the Hunger Games because then you’re awaiting his spiral into evil with a kind of fascinated dread. After the first couple pages I was like “Oh no. I kinda sympathize with him! How dare I!” And at the end, it was just… Nope. Nopenopenope.  XD

Yes! Her songs are awesome! I’m listening to them while I make fanart of Lucy Gray because her design was awesome! I know a description is really good if I need to draw it XD

Oh, I never thought of that! That would be weird for him. What I do think woulda been cool would have been if Lucy would have been in the Hunger Games in District 13 and Katniss would have met her. Then the two could have gotten talking about Snow, though Katniss wouldn’t know their background and you wouldn’t either until you read the books. But it is cool how you meet Tigris in the books, though just for a bit. (in The Hunger Games, I mean.)

I felt so sorry for Tigris! When I was reading the Ballad I was like “She’s Snow’s cousin?” and I loved her and I really want to know what happened between her and Snow!

And I totally agree! I would have loved it if Lucy was in District 13! She would be… *Calculates* 81, so it’s technically possible! Wow, Snow was over 81 in the Hunger Games! I pictured him younger, like late sixties.

Imagine if Lucy was at Snow’s execution! She might have been in 13, even if Katniss didn’t see her. Ooh, I like that idea!

Do you think she died in the woods, or did she make it to District 13? I somehow think she might have died, but I don’t know. I think that’s best left unanswered. I wonder how she’d find it in 13…

I also love the idea that Maude Ivory is Katniss’ grandmother or great-grandmother. It makes sense, and I think it works! How else would her dad know “the Hanging Tree” if it was banned?

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