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Ooh, a lightkeeper’s daughter! I love it!

I think it’ll be cool! (Admittedly, a large amount of the things I write are only there for the aesthetic XD)

Oh my goodness, I was really shipping Walter and Una when he died. *cries* They would have been so cute together. He totally didn’t deserve it! He was the best of all the Blythe children.

Totally! I adored Walter and his struggles and character arc and even though someone spoiled me for his death, I was still heartbroken.

I would agree. Nan and Diana just don’t get much development, which explains why I wasn’t too invested in their characters when they did show up. I kind of perceived them as the standard “perfect” girls of that time period, which was a bit annoying XD. Rilla was real and relatable, which is why I loved her. And yes – I definitely have to agree that all the children are so different and interesting!

Totally! Nan and Diana felt a bit ‘cookie cutter’, unlike the others. And I totally agree! Rilla wouldn’t be as interesting if she wasn’t mildly annoying in the beginning XD

Oh, wow. Ezra sounds relatable. XD I’m gonna order Nehemiah and see what I think of Austin’s writing style.

Exactly XD I personally love the “I didn’t sign up for this” protagonist XD That’s awesome! I hope you like it!

What are some of your favorite tropes?

I love sarcastic or voicey narrators, animal sidekicks, desert settings, unconventional settings overall, mentor-mentee relationships, found family, and enemies-to-friends/lovers/siblings. And that’s just off the top of my head XD I can probably think of more, but I love these!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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