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Esmeralda Gramilton



I usually find inspiration from pictures I’ve taken or images on the internet, whether it’s of interesting landscapes or a captivating portrait. When I’m drawn to something, I ask myself questions about it, usually starting with “How did this come to be?”

To answer it, I describe what I’m seeing and what could have happened to make it look the way it does. Why is it so pretty, why is it made the way it was, or how did it come to be so ragged and torn apart, who might’ve made something like that, etc.

This usually gets me thinking up characters, places, or scenarios that can start a story, and in order to keep my inspiration up for the new thing, I don’t limit myself to “main characters” and “side characters” or even start at the beginning of the story. If I get bored too quickly or the excitement passes, I won’t have the motivation to keep working on it because it never went anyway I liked.

Other times, I’ll just be in the mood to write a very fairy-tale-esc story, so I’ll just start working from there, already having a general theme to go for.

When I absolutely don’t know how to make something work, I just take already created characters and use them for the story. It doesn’t have to be permanent, and allows me to write without worrying about creating new characters with new dynamics or have to worry about how they would react, because I already know that part of it.

I hope this helps.

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