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Yes! I love Susan, too! In my opinion, she’s the best side character in the entire series. I also love Miss Cornelia. And Captain Jim was so sweet. I also wanted to live in a lighthouse after reading that book!

Exactly! I blame that book entirely for the fact that the MC of my next book I’m planning is a lighthouse-keeper’s daughter XD The side characters are totally awesome!

Yeah, in the first three books of the series Anne is great, but after that she gets sort of colorless, except in Anne’s House of Dreams. I found her very compelling in that one. I love Faith the most of the Meredith children, mostly because she reminds me of myself lol. But Jerry is also hilarious, Una is sweet, and Carl brings much-needed optimism to the table.

I loved Faith too! I related to Una most, but I loved Faith and the boys. They were all so much fun!

Ahh, I loved Walter the most of Anne’s children! To be honest, I didn’t care much for Nan and Diana, but Shirley and Jem and Rilla are all awesome. (Especially Rilla.) I just loved Walter so so much and I can’t believe what happened.  Why is it always our favorite characters who die?

Ooohhh, I know! He totally didn’t deserve it! I had just started shipping him and Una! I think that makes it so much sadder.

I think Nan and Diana had potential, but they barely got any screentime. The others carried much more of the story. I loved Rilla’s character development! I found her mildly irritating in the beginning, but I loved her by the end. Shirley and Jem were also awesome! I loved how different all Anne’s children were!

Oh, you’ve definitely convinced me to read Austin’s Biblical fiction now. I’ve been struggling with the plot in my own Biblical fiction WIP, and studying how another author does it would probably be super educational. Thanks!

Totally! Her plots were awesome and I totally need to reread and analyze them! I loved how the main characters were so different from each other. Nehemiah was determined to fix everything, immediately, while Ezra spent half of the book confused and the other half wondering what he got himself into. I don’t remember much about Zachariah. I read it a long time ago and I didn’t like it as much as the others.

And I loved the subplots in both! Ruben’s subplot in Ezra was awesome, but I really loved the ones in Nehemiah as well. One of them was about one of the daughters of Shallum, who helped build the wall. That passage always intrigued me, and I love how she wrote it.

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