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That’s awesome! I think the cool thing about motifs is that you might not notice them right away, but on the second or third read, they become obvious.
Another book I thought of that does this¬†exceptionally¬†well is the Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington. The book doesn’t have chapters, it’s split up into several parts, each named after a color. Green, Yellow, Red, Gray, White, and Pink. And during those parts, the author keeps describing things that are those colors and bringing them back in similies. Like lemon ice cream and sunflowers during Yellow.
And a fun little easter egg, during one of the chapters the MC finds spools of thread in an old sewing machine, and guess what colors they are? Green, yellow, red, gray, white, and pink.
That book was truly exceptional and I’m not going to shut up about it until I find someone who loves it too XD

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