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Wow this has been extremely helpful in clarifying the Plotter & Panster and how I feel and now know I am going to be. It’s been so very hard trying to fit the square block into the circle hole that I was silly trying to be a Plotter when I am a Panster! The more I plot and outline the more I run out of steam and desire. I sure would like to be the type of person and writer to have it all down as it’s endlessly frustrating to have to make sure Susie’s Aunt on her mother’s side is named the right name through out the book(s).

With that said, @ashley-tegart I give wild applauds, chocolate and coffee to the extent you’re capable of going to for your writing and rather admire it. Feel free to send some of that in my direction! If it works for you then, by all means, keep going with it with your writing self!! I’ve never heard of or thought of doing the revisions you do in such a seemingly short time span.

It’s helped as it further cemented which I am and which I am not. I too am impatient at plotting and outlining, and it’s really come down to trying to so hard to force the story (and characters) fit into each scene and outline. That’s where I made the biggest mistake! All the years, I’ve never really gone into any sort of writing time with a set goal or plan and was SOO much more content in just letting the character speak.

  Yes, yes! Small ‘spectrum’ is exactly point on what I am after – just how small of spectrum I’m wondering I can get away with. Abbie Emmons I stumbled onto through YouTube and have several of her videos in a playlist to get to watching and I looked up Brandon Sanderson just now and did the same with his videos. Needless to say I have A LOT of videos the playlist/folder to go through and take notes. I just hope and pray that all the research of writing and things doesn’t make me too scared to write badly. I keep praying for Jesus’ help to focus and not get afraid and the permission to write badly.

Thank you! Thank you for allowing yourselves to be used by the Most High to support and guide me along! I value and appreciate your time and effort to comment and not work on your books. <3


May God bless you!

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