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So, I tried to reply to this twice and my computer swallowed both XD
I find that keeping track of all your details throughout the series can be quite daunting… XD
It is! I know my characters inside out, but the minutae of the political systems is impossible to remember XD

Wow, nice! I’ve actually never met anyone who’s read the whole Anne of Green Gables series like I have. It’s brilliant, although my unpopular opinion is that Anne gets a bit cynical and somewhat irritating throughout the series and other characters far outshine her *cough Susan cough* But they’re all such good books! I think I actually enjoyed Anne of Ingleside the least, mostly because the final chapters drag out a misconception Anne has about Gilbert that’s solved quickly (and unrealistically, I thought) at the end, and it left a sour taste. I would say that my favorites from the series are Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside. The Meredith children are beyond adorable. I also really enjoyed Leslie’s character in Anne’s House of Dreams.

Aww! “Mrs-Doctor-Dear!” XD I love Susan! I totally agree with you on Anne, I enjoyed her most before “Anne of Windy Poplars” though she was alright in “House of Dreams.” After that, the side characters rather take over, especially the kids! The Meredith children are awesome, and I love all of them, and Mary!

I adored Anne’s kids as well, especially Walter. *Trying to hold back tears* I loved him so much and then… Aaahhh!

I also really adored Captain Jim, Miss Lavender, and Miss Cordelia! Oh, I loved her! And I kinda want to live in a lighthouse now XD


I definitely recommend Esperanza Rising! It’s a really inspiring and eye-opening story about the discrimination and hardship Mexicans went through when they immigrated to the United States.

Awesome! I’ll put it on my to-read list! (It’s only a mile long XD)

I should check out Lynn Austin, then! Thanks for the recommendation!

It’s been a while since I read them, but I remember them as awesome! I loved Nehemiah and Ezra especially. Her books usually have at least two big subplots and a main plot that all ties together in the end. I love how human she made the prophets, as well. I really liked Nehemiah, maybe because he wasn’t exactly likeable XD She wrote him as driven and abrasive, trying to deal with trauma and dodge the politics at the same time.

I loved the subplots in both books. It was like three facets of the same story and it was masterfully executed, as far as I remember.


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