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Joy C. Woodbury


OH MY GOODNESS YOU WATCHED LES MISERABLES. *screams* I shall try my hardest not to go into any lengthy Les Mis rants. I sobbed throughout that whole movie when I watched it. The acting is great, although *sheepish grin* I am not a fan of the singing. But I think that’s just ’cause the London and Broadway original casts spoiled me for it. XD

OH MY WORD “I Dreamed a Dream” is just TRAGIC. My heart breaks for Fantine. *sobs all over again*

Favorite song. That’s a tough one.

“Bring Him Home” always melts me into a puddle of tears. You should watch Colm Wilkinson sing it, it’s nothing short of heartbreaking. The song was actually written for him, and when he sang it for the first time, the cast was speechless and Trevor Munn said, “You know this show is all about God.” And one of the cast replied, “Yes, but you didn’t tell us you’d gotten Him to sing it.” 😭

In my opinion, Javert’s songs are the best (Roger Allam is my favorite Javert and I’m also a Philip Quast fan). “Confrontation” is epic, “Javert’s Soliloquy” is moving, and “Stars” is sooo majestic.

I also love “One Day More.” And “Valjean Arrested/Valjean Forgiven” always gets my tears started.

*realizing that I’m going off on a rant despite my promise not to* Forgive me for that. XD Long story short, if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Epilogue. I couldn’t imagine a better ending. It’s a beautiful and inspirational ending, full of redemption and hope, and the lyrics are incredible.

In the rain the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river

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