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Noah Cochran


Plotters like to know where they’re going, Pansters like the sense of the total unknown.

However, there is a large spectrum of area between Panster and Plotter.  For instance, most pansters have some sort of small outline or synopsis to know what the book is about and who the characters are. As for plotters, the amount of which the outline is extremely varied.

We have people like Abbie Emmons (a booktuber, if you haven’t of her, you should check her out). She outlines her entire book, then outlines individual scenes in chapters, to the point where she pretty much wrote a very tiny, concise first draft. And we have people like Brandon Sanderson, who outlines his plot and world, but outlines very little of his characters and doesn’t use a chapter by chapter outline (as far as I know anyway).

I am much closer to the extreme plotter on the spectrum than the extreme pantser, but even with my chapter by chapter breakdown I don’t know many of the smaller events that I’m going to put in a chapter till I write it.


I have never thought or heard of the concept of  writing a very short first draft and then filling it in with descriptions and smaller events. That is quite intriguing.


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