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I’ll try to remember to look those up tomorrow. He definitely did not! I was so mad at him at the end of the book. I don’t care if he went through a lot in life and simply needed some counselling, what he did just made me mad, even though I knew where he was going to end up since I’d read the Hunger Games before.

Yes!! In the beginning, it was like “Okay, his circumstances influenced him negatively, but he does have some good in him.” And I was kind of sympathizing with him although I knew where he’d end up.

And then, after that awful thing he did at the end, I was so furious. He deserved every terrible thing and more and I’ve never hated a character more. I’m actually really glad she didn’t try to excuse him or give him a sympathetic backstory. He didn’t deserve it, he’s the worst person and I despise him, even more than I did before I read the Ballad.

I was really impressed with the book though! It gave a lot of backstories and expanded on the themes in the first one while also covering some new subjects. The use of foils was excellent. 

Oh, a cool thing I noticed! *SPOILERS, for anyone else reading this*

You know in the Ballad, they often say “It’s not over until the Mockingjay sings” and we do get an explanation for where that proverb comes from, with the hangings. But can you imagine Snow’s feelings when he saw the propaganda clip of Katniss singing Lucy’s song!? A singing Mockingjay. And also at the end, when the rebellion is winding down, remember when Katniss is awaiting her trial, she sings in the hotel room. It’s over and the Mockingjay sings. I thought that was extremely cool.

Haha, yes, telephone is a good excuse for a song that didn’t work out perfectly.  But I don’t think it’ll be a big problem. You’ll do great when you get started! And I can always help if you need me!

Aww, thank you, I appreciate it!

Oh, that sounds really interesting! I love the idea of her singing a “normal” song, when really it’s a secret message. Songs can have so much meaning, and often hidden unless you really dig. As we saw in The Ballad often enough. Haha

Totally! It’ll be so much fun to write! I actually already have an idea of how to encode it…

Also, a thing I noticed is that Suzanne Collins doesn’t give you the whole song at once, she interrupts herself often to give you the reaction of the crowd or the POV character’s thoughts. It’s cool because it keeps it from being a long, bland piece of nothing happening.

Good! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to help, but I decided to at least give it a try.

You did, so much! Thanks again, I really appreciate your help!

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