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Kylie S. Pierce

So, I finally have access to the file on here–here’s the long awaited excerpt.

I clattered down the steps of the old lighthouse that I and my dad had called home. My light brown curls shone in the sun and my eyes sparkled with happiness.
I darted to the rocks and clambered over the others to my favorite that overlooked the sea. I smiled as I looked out at the wide expanse of the ever-changing waters.
It’s beautiful.
I wished I could say something about it, but I couldn’t. Because, for some reason nobody, no doctors, ministers, or family members, could explain, I had never spoken a single word during my entire life. And the worst part of it was that my mind was full of words. Words that formed songs and stories that I could never tell.

It’s from my MC Aisling’s PoV. Sorry it took me so long to post it!

Hmm… who should I tag… @wingiby-iggiby!

"The seed of the New World smolders. Bear the Flame."~The Green Ember.

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