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Oh cool, I might look her up! Sounds interesting.

Totally! She also performed the songs Lucy played with the Covey, and she actually got all the instruments together for it. It sounds amazing and she really captured Lucy’s personality. My favorites are “Crawling to you” (It’s so catchy XD), “The Old Therebefore”, and “Pure as the Driven Snow” (That one almost makes me cry every time I hear it. You know why XD Snow did not deserve her)

Aww, good! I’ve read quite a few books where people tell the stories of previous history through songs and it’s really cool, so that’s a good idea. Glad you have ideas!

I haven’t seen it that often, but I can see how it would work pretty well. And it gives me the added excuse that the songs were passed on through dozens of people in a game of Telephone that lasted generations. So, if it doesn’t make sense, I have an excuse XD

Haha, don’t stress about writing the songs though! Not to say don’t do it, but meaning don’t be super hard on yourself. It may not always be fun, but if you start, you can’t expect yourself to be amazing from the start. I know we want to be good right away, but it’s not realistic to expect that from ourselves, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Aww, thanks for the encouragement! That does make me feel a bit better about it 😉

So does your main character or someone important to the story sing in the performance? If so, I almost think it’d be cool to have their song fully written out (unless it’s really long) so that the reader gets more of a taste of their personality through it. And then you could add snippets of a few others songs from different people if you like, but I wouldn’t do snippets from too many, since that could sorta long. But from a few would be interesting.

The basic scenario is that a side character is going into enemy territory to pass along a message, under the ruse of being a traveling musician. (That chapter is from her POV though.) So, I might write a song that has a kind of double meaning/encoded message. I think that might be fun ;). So, I think I may write that one in full, and just a couple of verses for one or two of the others.

Thanks again, it’s really helped me work this out! 🙂

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