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Awesome! I’m glad to have been of service. 🙂

Oh cool, I might look her up! Sounds interesting.

Aww, good! I’ve read quite a few books where people tell the stories of previous history through songs and it’s really cool, so that’s a good idea. Glad you have ideas!

Yes! I made these points up as I was trying to think of advice to give you, but I really think that one is a good one to remember and put into practice. I’m sure sometimes it would be hard to get it to perfectly match with the characters and their personalities, but I don’t think it has to be perfect for them, just close enough that it makes sense why they’d be singing it.

Haha, don’t stress about writing the songs though! Not to say don’t do it, but meaning don’t be super hard on yourself. It may not always be fun, but if you start, you can’t expect yourself to be amazing from the start. I know we want to be good right away, but it’s not realistic to expect that from ourselves, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

That’s some good thinking about not writing each song out fully. Even if the songs were really good, that could definitely get to be too much and could wear on the readers. So does your main character or someone important to the story sing in the performance? If so, I almost think it’d be cool to have their song fully written out (unless it’s really long) so that the reader gets more of a taste of their personality through it. And then you could add snippets of a few others songs from different people if you like, but I wouldn’t do snippets from too many, since that could sorta long. But from a few would be interesting.

You are so welcome! I’m just glad I could help. 🙂

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