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Ashley Tegart

(I meant to reply to these sooner but I was having issues with the page crashing, which seems to be fixed now…)


Nice to meet you, too! I’m guessing you’re a Tolkien and Lewis fan, too? My one attempt at writing science fiction really turned into space fantasy, so maybe it doesn’t count too much! 😛 What are some of your favorite books?


I read The False Prince and its sequel (I think?) a few years ago, but never finished the series! I’ve heard good things about The Ranger’s Apprentice!

My favorite fantasy books are Lord of the Rings, Till We Have Faces, the Narnia series. I haven’t finished this series yet, but I read the first two books of N.D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards series and very much enjoyed them!

Do you write with one first-person POV character or multiple? I tried writing once with two first-person POV characters and struggled with giving them distinct character voices. I settled on using one POV character in the end.

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