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No kidding! He does have a lot of songs in his stories, but I sorta like it. If they’re too long then it gets sorta boring, but I like the uniqueness of it.

Wow, that would be so weird to actually see the fires! I saw the place that is only about ten minutes out of town where the fire went through and burned just about everything, and it looks so barren. Everything is black, though the undergrowth is starting to come up slowly.

I can get that. When I sing at church, I have an ear bud in my left ear, so I can hear myself singing and hear the piano to make sure I’m getting the right chords. Haha. Okay, gotcha. I’m okay in big groups as well, but more because I’m very extroverted and am often one to instigate things in group settings, so I’ve learned (some at least) how to get everyone’s attention in big groups. Mostly of my friends.

Wow, you really are a guy of many genres, both in music and writing. xD Do you read as many different genres as you listen to? I guess I listen to some Christian pop, a bit of country, some folk/alternative, and worship music, for the most part. And I also love listening to soundtracks from movies with really awesome music while I do stuff. Have you ever heard of Hans Zimmer? He has some of my favourite music ever! And a bunch of other people too. xP

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