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Haha, ya, I guess that’s exactly what stories are too. xD So I suppose the only differences between songs and stories are that songs have music and are shorter.

xD That’s hilarious! We don’t get much rain in the summer, which makes so the forest gets really dry. There are often forest fires in the summer because of it, and last summer, my whole town and the ones surrounding it got evacuated because of one that was out of control for a while.

So we’re opposite! I find it much harder public speaking than singing, or at least now that I’ve been singing in front of people for years. Though it’s always singing with other people, so I’m backed up. So it’s not quite the same as public speaking for me, since with public speaking, I don’t have backups.

Sometimes I change up songs a bit, but mostly just by sliding into the notes or adding little trills here and there. Nothing major. But I guess that’s my way of changing them, versus changing them a lot when I sing them. It’s cool that you do that though. I don’t listen to metal at all, though my brother listens to some, along with rock, so I hear it sometimes. But I generally like listening to Christian worship music, some pop, and a bunch of other types that I’m not sure what you’d call. 😛

It is indeed! I’ve definitely gotten better since I started writing a few years ago, so even though I don’t feel amazing or anything, it’s nice looking back and seeing the progress. I’m actually considering starting a blog soon. Or as soon as I sit down and take the time to set it up and everything. xP I’ve been really busy lately. I’m actually on the very last scene in my story! I have been for a while, since I haven’t taken much time for writing lately, but I’m hoping to finish it in the next week.

Haha, okay. I guess it would be hard to be prolific in that many genres! xD

I’ve really only just begun in the past year to start writing quite a bit, so I haven’t written many stories or anything. My short stories are most the time about funny things that have happened in my life, which I like sharing with my friends and family. And as for my longer stories, there have really only been… *counts* …three, I think. One was medieval that I was writing with a friend, where two princesses get kidnapped by this evil prince from another country and there was a war where the evil prince was trying to take over the continent. He didn’t succeed, and in the end the princesses escape, but there really wasn’t much point to the story (as far as my princess was concerned), so we ended up dropping it. Another was a medieval story about a young man, a boy, and a little girl who get entangled in a war without even realizing it at first, and end up getting separated in the middle of the war. Then at the end, they find each other and the good guys overthrow the evil king ruling the kingdom. (Seeing a theme of war here? xP I don’t even like writing about war, but it just sort of happened.) I ended up ditching this story at the beginning because I was never really into it. And the last and current one I’m writing is a speculative fiction that I believe I already told you about. xD

Cool! I love memes in general, but especially memes from movies like Lord of the Rings. xD

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. -JRR Tolkien

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