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Thank you for replying! I’ll probably take a few days to go through everything carefully before I give a real reply. But I do hope there’s a purgatory at least, so we can become perfect like Jesus said “as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (man I can never remember the actual chapter and verse XD). I know He loves us regardless and just as deeply no matter how perfect or imperfect but it would be very nice if could do that one thing for Him <3
Oh well, I still have to reply about communism “never done right” (I literally have an actual stack of books staring at me right now on my desk mocking me because there’s so much and so many angles to go at and maybe I should start a blog mini series debunking communism and that’s a stupid idea cos I can barely keep up with my other projects as is and I’m probably gonna do it anyway) and your excerpt, let me read up on those Scriptures and pray and study on it before I reply more. Thanks again!

I cannot recommend all of Dean Koontz’s books, but some of them are quite marvelous.  I would recommend the Odd Thomas series, however, there are some serious dark moments in it, so I definitely would not recommend it for younger teens. Dean states in the interview that in every one of his novels, he always wants love to prevail.  He is never nihilistic and has both beautiful prose and some seriously funny moments woven into his stories, which sometimes annoy his publishers but they can’t argue with his success.  Four of my favorites of his are “Watchers”, “Lightning”, “One Door Away from Heaven” and “By The Light of The Moon”.  His characters are brilliant and endearing.  These latter four I highly recommend.

Oh it’s hard to find a good wholesome thriller nowadays! Thank you so much for the recommendations! (honestly if I buy a book that cusses I’ll mark out every single foul word with a pen. It’s very therapeutic :D)

tlas Shrugged does have an inappropriate relationship in it. There are others of her works that do not. “Anthem” is a short novel and maybe a more appropriate read starting out with Rand.  Remember she was still an atheist, so she may not have had the moral values we hold to.

Haha yeah, I don’t think I was much older than thirteen so that would not have been a great book for me to read then XD. I’ll have to look to see if there’s like a free pdf of audiobook or something for one of them at least!

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