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Brian Stansell

Hi Cathy,

They are correct….

I started to read Atlas Shrugged (but my sister caught me and she and Mom agreed it was a little old for me. I think I went to Dracula after that

Atlas Shrugged does have an inappropriate relationship in it. There are others of her works that do not. “Anthem” is a short novel and maybe a more appropriate read starting out with Rand.  Remember she was still an atheist, so she may not have had the moral values we hold to.

As far as George Orwell’s works, I would recommend “Animal Farm” before I would recommend “1984” simply because the concepts are clearer and it involves no sensual scenes.

Many of Koontz’s earlier works I cannot recommend for the same reasons, and some of the language, though Koontz does not use profanity as prolifically as any of the other secular writers.  Oftentimes, he will use a euphemism, where others like Stephen King would just blurt out a bad word.  I can’t read King too much, rarely these days, because his writing does not move me enough out of the dark places into which he takes his readers.  Koontz always does, and that is why I always prefer him when I am in the mood for reading a thriller.

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