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Thank you for writing this all out! It’s super helpful and I’m very happy with what you wrote, I don’t think it’s rambling at all. Your advice is amazingly good, thanks you so much, my intentions are much clearer now

You are very welcome ^_^ I am glad you found it helpful.


So it definitely isn’t temporary, it is a true love thing XD. I have planned this love story for far too long for it to just to be reduced to a temporary relationship lol

haha, fair enough!


Yeah that’s definitely true. At the beginning my character was definitely a more fully-fledged villain but I realised at some point that I couldn’t make him, like say, Kylo Ren from Star wars. I mean at the end of the day, Kylo Ren is a mass murderer and while he does redeem himself and get the girl (sort of), none of that changes what he did. Without revealing anything, my ‘villain’ is more of an anti-hero. He focuses on whether or not something will benefit him or his goals. And yeah I think at this point, those Dark Druids can’t be saved, because of how far they have gone to the dark side. So I will definitely keep that in mind. And I also think the ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ has real potential. I already have a scene in mind hehe XD

Kylo Ren is a good example of how not to write a redemption arc, lol. And I love it when I give people ideas XD


That’s true, I’ll need focus on why it matters to my heroine. Sadly I don’t ask myself simple questions enough lol.

You know, that’s ok. That is what this forum and the editing process are for. We are all human, with our own gifting’s and blind spots, and we all could support now and then ^_^ I am very glad my advice has been helpful.

On that note, I did finish up the last bit of my critique on the previous page, if you are interested.

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