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It’s true. Songs are basically just compact stories, or at least sometimes. Other times they are a heart crying out their feelings to the world. That’s more often what my songs are.

Isn’t that what stories are, just with a lot more context? XD


Wow, I can’t even imagine not having snow! Well that’s not true. I can, but I don’t like the idea of it. Haha. My extended family is mostly in Ohio, so when we go there for Christmas it hardly ever snows as well and is rather depressing in my opinion. We have sleet a few times in the winter as well, but not usually so bad as to be a couple inches thick.

It may sound weird, but I kinda get it. Sun for so long gets boring. I had a teacher in highschool who was originally from New York, and she couldn’t understand how excited and energized her students got when there was rain, lol.


That’s way worse than singing, because you have to think of some way to greet everyone and it’s not super fun. xP But I’m used to that now as well, though I still don’t like it. But yes, it’s certainly made me grow in confidence over the years.

That’s good! Honestly, I am much better at speaking in front of crowds than I am singing in front of even one person. I know how to project my voice when talking, but when trying to sing I get nervous and my throat gets all tight and it is hard to ‘go for it’ in the way that singing requires.


It’s so true! Half of making a song go to it’s full potential is putting emotion in it. My teacher tells me that all the time, but it really is sometimes hard to “put” yourself into the song. It takes practice to be able to do it and do it well. Music is indeed a mystery, but that’s why it’s so amazing and beautiful.

I often times find myself singing a song differently than the way it was originally arranged because the words don’t match the tempo/sound, or because I find my heart singing it more as a heart cry. I listen to a lot of metal, so I often turn songs more into a rock ballad than a true metal vocals (even if I can sorta sing them), lol. Do you even find yourself doing that? Just kinda letting loose and singing a song however you feel like?


Thanks! It’s been hard to write because I’m not super great at writing, but it’s been satisfying getting the story written down.

That is what practice and editing is for! How far along are you in the story?


Haha, I think I got the gist. xD You really do write in all sorts of categories! I’ve basically written short stories, stories, poems, and songs. And only medieval fiction and speculative fiction for my stories.

I would say I have tried many categories, I am far from prolific, however, lol.

I started with poems, I like how they are songs that can be as long or short as you want (and you don’t have to sing XD). So what were your short stories/fiction about?

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