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And yes, that eye tutorial helped! They looked really complicated but I’m not so intimidated now that you broke it down.

I’m so glad! Eyes are some of my favorite things to draw!

Do you have any favorite art resources (Youtubers, books, blogs, etc.) you can recommend?

Here are some of my favorites!

Books: I love Jane Davenport’s books!. I have “Drawing and painting beautiful faces” and “I heart drawing: Fantastic figures”

I used these a lot when I first got started, and you can still see many of her stylistic choices in my art. (Specifically in the eyes.) She’s excellent at stylizing and it’s a good place to start.


Now, I really like learning through YouTube. The video format really works for me.

Some Youtubers I can recommend are: Sinix design, Sara Tepes, Sam Does Arts and ErgoJosh.

Of these, I probably watch Sinix design most. His anatomy quick tips are absolute lifesavers, and I love how he renders. You can tell he knows exactly what he’s doing, and I like his style of teaching. Many of his things are more toward the advanced side, but I still watch it until I kind of get what he means.

Sara Tepes is also awesome. Her art is super pretty and she explains things very simply and clearly. She focuses more on the basics, and her style and colors are super stunning.

Sam does Arts focuses more on stylization and how to improve once you have the basics down. He has some interesting techniques and I especially like how he does lighting and backgrounds.

I don’t watch ErgoJosh much, since his videos are more focused on building your art Instagram and marketing your art, but you might find something.

Those are the resources I’ve been using lately, I hope it helps!


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