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Thanks so much but I um can’t really watch videos with my Internet, if I watch anything over ten minutes in a month it crashes the Internet…sorry. I’m hoping when I can drive and have a laptop of my own I can go to those wifi hotspots to work among other things but that’ll probably still be a while…

Really? Wow, I’m very privileged to be the first Catholic writer you interacted with here. I have always wanted to meet a fellow Catholic author and now that’s come true. Yay! May I ask, and I hope you don’t mind answering this but, are you looking at any particular publishers or agents? Because I know for sure that ones that are friendly towards Catholics and Christians are in a very small number. Apart from JRR Tolkien, I have not come across many mainstream Catholic authors, let alone publishers. So what are your plans? Are you considering self-publishing at all?

I 100% plan to self publish, even if it weren’t for the lack of Catholic publishing companies. My dad and my grandfather both started their own businesses when they were pretty young and I plan to follow suit there (my great granddad was an active fighter against segregation in his day and so’s my grandfather and he learned how to fly before he could drive 🙂 )
But I’ve been lowkey studying self-publishing since I finished my first draft when I was fourteen and fairly soon I plan to start a newsletter if everything works out and my parents are cool with it. It’ll give me a chance to have personal interaction with my audience and establish something solid plus plenty of freedom to keep my writing a passion and a growing tool and an outreach and a prayer.

Soo my patron saints are St Augustine of Hippo and St Clare of Assisi. They’re so cool, I aspire to be just like them I love how St Augustine started off as someone addicted to sex and pleasure, and became one of the greatest Catholic theologians and writers in the world! And I also adore St Maria Goretti, St Cecilia, St Lucis of Syracuse and St Dymphna. You can google them yourself, they’re not hard to find, but yeah I’m a big fan of the saints XD And what about you? Who are your favourites?

My patron saint is St Therese of Lisieux and I love St Catherine of Siena she was so spunky and St Francis of Assisi he was so simple and he loved animals! Oh it’s Maria Goretti’s day today! I remember Cecilia but I don’t think I’ve heard much about St Lucis and St Dymphna I’ll have to look them up! I also love Mother Angelica who’s on the way to being sainted, and Chesterton (can’t wait to be able to quote a saint in saying “don’t be so openminded your brains fall out”!)
I was like fifteen or sixteen when I was confirmed. Lol when the bishop was coming my parish priests were like “everyone relax you’re fine you got this by the way sometimes the bishop quizzes confirmees on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. But you guys got this just relax” (pure panic on the priests’ faces. First time I’d ever seen Father Alex nervous like that). And then my mom and my grandmother couldn’t agree on how I should wear my shawl and they’re both very strong-willed people so that was a game of jeopardy. Humans are such a strange species 😛
I’m very lucky to be a in a parish very alive with the faith and my mom’s a lay Carmelite so like give up being intimidated by anything after that lol jk. But it’s been great being a part of a very faithful parish and being around so many people alive with Christ’s Love.

He challenged me on my views and opinions (I’m embarrassed to say that I was almost indoctrinated by the feminist movement yikes) and he pushed me to go on youth retreats and pilgrimages. We climbed Croagh Patrick as a group, it was honestly the most stressful thing I ever endured. I literally crawled up and down the mountain on my bum, everyone was laughing at me haha XD. But honestly he’s just the greatest gift I ever received from God. My friend was a self-professed atheist and now she is super Catholic. He changed my life in so many ways, and I don’t know where I would be if God had not used him to bring me back to the faith!

Eh I almost slipped into New Age philosophy so I mean I guess everybody’s got that thing… XD
It’s amazing you’ve found spiritual directors and I’m glad for your friend!

Did you not know Dean Koontz is Catholic? In fact, his novel in the Odd Thomas series called “Brother Odd” takes place entirely in a Catholic monastery. Raymond Arroyo is also a Catholic author, besides being a journalist, and has written a YA adventure (Will Wilder) series on Catholic relics.

I don’t think I’ve read any Dean Koontz books before but my brother loves the Will Wilder series it’s like a Catholic kiddy Indian Jones!
Oh, can I ask, do you believe in purgatory? I’ve heard most non-Catholic Christians don’t but maybe that’s just another misconception? XD

I don’t know if images still work in these forms, but I thought you both might enjoy a photo of the inside of the Basílica de la La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.  My wife and I visited it in 2017 during an international trademark convention. One side of the Cathedral stain glass reflects only the red spectrum side of the sunrise light, and the other reflects the blue spectrum of the sunset light.

Oooooh I love stain glass churches that’s so beautiful!! It looks GORGEOUS!!!

I can send a picture of the unique outside of it, if you wish.  We were able to climb the circular stair in one of the towers as well.  The organic Gothic architecture was done by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926).

Oh yes please please please! That must’ve been spectacular to see up in person!!!

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