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Writing music is still very much a form of writing. The stories that songs tell are much more compact than books, but that does not make them less valid by any means.


“In the winter here in Northwestern Ontario where I live, we skate and play hockey all the time. My brother and I usually play hockey with our friends at the outdoor rink a couple times a week, sometimes more. It’s so much fun! Those are some of my favourite times in the winter and even somewhat in the entire year. When I skate it makes me feel like I’m flying.  I love it so much. The funny part is that I’ve only ever been to a couple hockey games, mostly because I’d rather play hockey than watch it. But the ones I’ve been to were pretty fun, though I did get a little restless watching for hours. (Most because when I’d see the players, I’d just want to jump up and join them. xD Haha, though I’m definitely not good enough to play with them.)”

lol, see, I am from sunny southern California, in my 30 years of existence here it has snowed once where I live. And I mean “snow” in ONLY the most technical of terms, but I do know what it feels like to have a snowflake fall on me, lol. On the other hand, we have had sleet that covers everything in inches so there is that. While there are ice skating rinks here, it really doesn’t seem like the same thing.


“I love singing, but I don’t prefer to sing in front of my family when everyone’s around, so I mostly sing quietly and hum when I’m with people. Lol, but the funny thing is that I lead worship at church once a month and I’m the lead singer and I don’t mind it. I think it’s because I’m not singing alone, since the whole congregation is singing with me.”

I love singing too, but I am definitely more of the ‘for fun’ or ‘in the shower’ kinda guy XD But hey, singing for the whole congregation has got to be a confidence boost!


“Ya, I can get that. Music really does take a lot of time and dedication. I just finished my… *thinks for a bit* either sixth or seventh year of piano, I think. I’m not sure how many years I took piano when I was younger, but I think it’s about that in total. But yes, it’s a lot of work!”

Yup. It is amazing though, how even on a piano, you can hear someone who plays with their heart or not. There is a certain magic in music that I have long pondered, but perhaps some of that magic is its mystery.


“… following the story of eleven-year-old Justin, who was separated from his twin sister at birth and then works to find her when he’s older and finds out about his past. It’s basically the story of how they meet and become fast friends over a summer together when they hang out just about constantly. It’s a story of friendship, love, and sacrifice.”

daw, that sounds lovely!

As for writing interests for me… You can pretty much name it and I have probably applied myself too it at some point or another. In the OP I listed “fantasy, poetry, song lyrics, movie reviews, political commentary; tabletop RPG systems, adventures, [and] conversions;”, and just recently (in the giant wall’s of text you can’t miss, lol), I have been critiquing someone else’s work, which is not really something I have done before. I love the discovering how and why things work; I love being able to tell that discover to others or hear it from them. Sometimes that process takes me to genre’s of writing – or even things far away from writing – that I never would have otherwise had an interest in. And once my heart is done playing/discovering that thing, I typically move on. I guess my interest is in writing itself, though fantasy, and my WIP in particular, tend to capture my interest more than most. I hope all that makes sense XD

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