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Brian Stansell


Hi Lona,

I never advocate for violence against women, except in the rare cases of armed conflict in a war with a moral goal.

There are some points upon which we will have to disagree. I could never embrace full pacifism because I do believe there are some things worth fighting for.  God, Himself is not a pacifist.  There were times when He told Israel to completely annihilate certain enemies for God foresees the ends of all things.  (Numbers 24:34-35 is an example.) His Hands are the only ones that qualify to perfectly balance both Justice and Mercy without compromising either one.  The bowl judgments of God’s Wrath can never be reconciled with pacifism because to do so would be to deny justice.

I am most likely quite a bit older and have seen some of the outworkings of evil in the world, and I do believe some of them are due a harvest of the violence that they have dealt out.  I do believe that the punishment should fit the crime, and, as you said, a purse snatcher should not get a more violent response than is warranted.  God puts a high price on life, but also gives certain “men” and imperative to take the life of a murderer. (See Genesis 9:6)

[Gen 9:6 KJV] 6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

Men are charged to protect women, even when they don’t think they need protection.  Despite what Marvel comics might indicate to the contrary, the impact of a woman’s blunt force punch rarely ever equals that of a man of her same age and general size.  Wonder Woman (The Amazon) is not real, and real women do suffer greatly when they act as if their bones cannot be broken.  See what is happening in some of the contact sports where men “masquerading as women” attempt to take advantage of that reality that they cannot compete with their own natural-born gender equivalents.

God clearly designed men to use their strength for both protection and to work in a more physical way to assist and benefit her.  My wife, though she is tough and a Body Pump Instructor at our local fitness club, could never lift the weight I can bare, or have the crushing grip strength that I have.  As God calls me to, I am to love her as Christ loved His Church with all my might and strength.
To ever harm her is anathema to God’s charge and the vow I made to Him on her behalf.  My marriage covenant was made to God, and my wife is the beneficiary of that.
I understand that many men are in rebellion to God and even break faith in their vows, because they erroneously believe they were made to their wife for “as long as she pleases me”.  These are stupid men, and I pity their spouses.
But, if ever someone comes to harm or threaten the safety of my wife, or impugn her honor, or dares to humiliate her in my presence, I do reserve the right and gladly rise to the duty of kicking their posterior back into alignment with respectful decorum….so to speak. 🙂
God too will avenge the harm that is done to His Bride as well, so mankind would do well to pay attention to the offering of His Mercy while they still have the expiring chance.
Part of manhood is physically defending those who cannot compete with the physical might of an aggressor.  It has been proven that psychologically men need to be able to feel this purpose if ever needed.  It does not make them bullies. It makes them understand that chivalry is what they were physically designed for.  To borrow Stan Lee’s Spiderman quote: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  (which reminds me very much of Luke 12:48B).

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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