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Noah Cochran

There are so many parts I’m looking forward to Rose. xD To start with, I actually quite enjoy the outlining process. It’s the time where I come up with my most interesting and shocking ideas and events, and then put them in an orderly fashion.

If you’re talking in story structure language, then probably the midpoint. The midpoint to me is one of my favorite sections of a well written book. It can hold big events or plot twists, and is usually the turning point for the characters internal journey; the time where they start trying to fix their flaws. I am actually more excited about the midpoint than the climax (not to say I’m not excited about the climax as well), though I know many people are climax enthusiasts (including my sister), which is understandable. 🙂

I am also really looking forward to writing the early chapters and exhibiting my protagonist’s flaws and skills (first plot point and first half of the second act).

What part are you most looking forward to in your writing?

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