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I would agree, considering I can’t think of any Celtic myths I’ve read. (Aside from King Arthur. Is that Celtic?)

Yes it is, though it originated in Britain during Medieval times I think. I wouldn’t know much about that particular legend.

Oh, I hope it doesn’t get thrown out, too! And lol I like making guys classic gentleman. It’s kind of a problem, to be honest. The other day when I asked one of my guy friends how he would respond if he were in my character’s position, he told me he would punch something and I immediately thought “NOOOOO TIS NOT GENTLEMANLY” XD.

I know right, its so annoying that most male characters are just – not – gents😖 Ya I think a lot of boys and men nowadays are under the impression that they don’t need to be gentlemen, its ridiculous 🙁

Oh goodness, I have no idea lol. I have certain songs that fit a scene or a character, but not one that fits the whole book. Do you have one?

I would be the same too, I have particular songs that fit scenes or characters, but I think a song that really fits my WIP as a whole is The Reason by Zayde Wolf 🙂

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