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(Sorry I took a while to reply, I prioritized incorrectly XD)

First off, I came up with a plot idea, I then brainstormed the gist of the story in my head. Getting that at of the way I did the outlining in this order: Made character profiles; did a chapter by chapter outline for the plot/external events with very short summaries of each chapter; make a outline for each of my protagonist’s character arcs going through the chapters in chronological order; then fit it as neatly as possible in the traditional story structure system (since my mind works similar to the story structure system already, that was pretty easy, but I fit it  loosely into the story structure, meaning it didn’t fit perfectly, mostly due to fact that my book has multiple main characters).

After that, I made short outlines/descriptions for various miscellaneous events or places, such a descriptions of major places of action, character’s relationships, and the antagonist’s plan. I got ideas from many other authors but I mostly just made up an outline that was intuitive for me. We’ll see how it goes.

Sounds like a plan! Your planning sounds very well organized and systematic, I’m sure that’ll help! (Can’t relate, I have my outlines scattered over 2 documents and a notebook XD)

Oh Rose, I also have had to experience the stupidity of turkeys. I raised about 10 of them last year. If a coyote wanted one for dinner all he would have had to do is knock on their coop’s door and they would have happily let him in.

Oh, yes, I’m afraid that’s all too true. A few years ago, we had about 14 turkeys. Their shelter was an A-frame with a tarp over it, big enough to fit all of them. Yet, we forgot that turkeys will always sit on the highest perch, so they all roosted on top of the shelter, instead of inside it. Even in rainstorms. It was ridiculous. XD

And the top of the shelter was barely large enough to fit 13, so one would jump up on one side and push all the others over, so another turkey flew off on the other side. Repeat the process as many times as needed. (I wish I were making this up XD)

As for chickens, they don’t just occasionally turn cannibal, they also literally go mad once in a while. We have had them start running back and forth into fences out of nowhere and for no reason.   I made a petition to the NCCA (National Chicken Care Association) to start an asylum for chickens.

Ah, yes. Intelligent creatures XD

What part of your WIP are you most looking forward to?

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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