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Thanks! I love Celtic mythology, its absolutely criminal that its not adapted enough to the screen or literature that often

I would agree, considering I can’t think of any Celtic myths I’ve read. (Aside from King Arthur. Is that Celtic?)

I hope its not one of those plot points that gets thrown out in the end because its just has so much potential to create juicy tension. The anti-hero guy is probably my favourite character because heโ€™s the most fascinating (and a total gent too XD)

Oh, I hope it doesn’t get thrown out, too! And lol I like making guys classic gentleman. It’s kind of a problem, to be honest. The other day when I asked one of my guy friends how he would respond if he were in my character’s position, he told me he would punch something and I immediately thought “NOOOOO TIS NOT GENTLEMANLY” XD.

Random question: If you could pick one theme song for your WIP, which one would it be?

Oh goodness, I have no idea lol. I have certain songs that fit a scene or a character, but not one that fits the whole book. Do you have one? ๐Ÿ™‚

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