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Boy, I’m late! Apologies! I feel like that white rabbit.

Lol then there’s only one thing to do 😈; OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!! LOL!

Hello! *Get up and dust myself off* Nice to meet you, Cathy. The Wormling series is an allegory about this young man who is prophesied to rescue a King’s Son in another world. Throughout the story he’s pursued by the Dragon and his demonic hordes.  It’s more complicated than what I just described. I just told you the gist of the first book. The whole series is five books long, but each book is appropriately short. I really enjoyed it. I think you might also. Reading it helped inspire one of my WIPs, a fantasy about spiritual warfare. My other pet WIP is a merging of superhero and detective fiction. I’m trying to do it as a short story series (are there any forums about this?). Thank you for the recommendations. I’ll be sure to check them out.

Lol hi! *sheepish grin*
The Wormling sounds really interesting and deep! *putting on my inexhaustible list of things I plan to read but probably never will XD. Unless it’s a free ebook/pdf?*
Ooh I’ve looked around but I couldn’t find a detective fiction topic or a superhero one for that. Which is really sad cos I would be down to a detective fiction role play/discussion post, and with superheroes (if I weren’t like already on twenty different posts while studying for my learner’s permit driving and working on my WIP lol…)

It’s a rough choice when there so much in each book, but I think my favorite is Proverbs for all its small but helpful sayings.

oooh it really is so hard to choose idk that I ever really will! Although right now, Job, Isaiah and Jeremiah especially but man you really can’t decide on one (or twenty lol)

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