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*staggers into forum, scans through all the new posts* *whoa I is late lol XD,  better catch up!*

I highly suspect that once we no longer “see through the glass darkly” (1 Corinthians 13:12) many of the labels that seem to divide us will fall away as we are unified in Jesus.  I know there are many Protestants that make assumptions about Catholics and vice versa, but I know that often it keeps us from finding the delight of our common purpose.  To shine His light into the world together. I consider you my sister-in-Christ, not because of any earthly label our clergy ascribes to us, but because we share the same Father in Heaven.

Yes! The more I talk to people from different Christian religions the more it really is one Faith one Family after all “one flock and one Shepherd”. And He said when people who weren’t his disciples started casting out demons in His Name “those who are not against Me are for Me.” Really, the only important thing is to love and all faithful strive to love with their whole soul. It the devil that sows division between us and not God.
It’s been great being here and being challenged to align more fully with scriptures and more articulately. I’ve learned so much talking to all of ya’ll.

Thank you for sharing your passion for Truth.  Thank you for challenging me to communicate with more clarity. I welcome your input and your admonishments to keep me on track and aligned with scripture and not my own “thinking”. I tend to be self-referential sometimes when I read or hear something.  Often times I am coming from having read or heard something else in “media” and need to unpack to perceive without my own filter. May the Lord Bless You for Reminding Me Too!

I’m very glad you corrected me! Especially since it might’ve been ambiguous to my bf reading my posts (if she still is? *glancing up quizzically*). And I definitely do have to be reminded to not use that type of vocabulary/thinking since I’ve been saturated with it against all better efforts. Thank you for sharpening and guiding me! <3

Hi Cathy, I’m actually a Roman Catholic too its so nice to meet another fellow Catholic on a writers forum! XD you’re the first lol

Whoa! Yay! You’re the first fellow Catholic I’ve meet here too! Who’s your favorite saint? Have you been confirmed yet? How did you find a spiritual director, if you don’t mind my asking? XD

Glad to hear it! I will hopefully use some of your info to educate some teens in my youth group

Oh I’m glad! I can’t wait to learn more and be sharpened by more discussion on all these topics <3

Aw thank you for your sweet message. Thats definitely something I need to keep reminding myself of, God doesn’t make mistakes I feel the same, I‘m having an absolute blast with you guys on Story Embers! Its so much fun

I’ve had so so much fun and I’ve made so many friends here too!!! Like this Covid year was actually pretty great on that point lol XD

Thats good that you informed yourself on these things. I‘m still educating myself, I‘m reading the gulag archipelago at the moment, its so very eye opening. Is it difficult to get into discussions and debates with people around you? I find that very hard personally. Thanks Cathy that means a lot and I love you too, I‘m delighted to have met you!

Lol, there’s no end to educating yourself it’s a lifetime sealed deathwish XD. I’ve never heard of Gulag Archipelago before, what’s it about?
Yes, it is really har–*thinking about the “debate” I had with my bf over my earlier lgbtqia (intersexual is apparently a new one, I apologize for not including it before. Have not had time to research it yet.) post literally like the day before yesterday.
And that I thought it was a good idea to revive this discussion thread earlier
And that the first thing I do when I start to get to know someone is ask about their politics, religion etc
And that I was always that “mean friend” who wouldn’t hesitate to give her insulting opinions up front and unnecessarily* Erhm…ok so I come from a fairly argumentative family and I don’t really have a problem getting into those debates. What is very hard for me is being honest throughout it, especially in the heat of the moment. I don’t really get offended by other people’s opinions there but I’ll notice when other people are starting to get hurt/offended and I usually struggle to not compromise what I say or like try to avoid it afterward to avoid conflict. Another thing is having the self-confidence to just admit I don’t know the answer and I’ll have to look into it and come back to the argument when I’m better informed.
I think the big block is like putting your opinions out there to be judged and weighed like it’s a judgement of you. But that’s the wrong mindset to come at, if you argue like that people don’t even listen anyway. Opinions don’t change with arguments they change with questions and new facts. So the real thing, I want to be really interested in everyone’s opinions and really learn about them and the heart of the disagreement before I actually argue argue. For me arguing is a learning experience. I really shifted in my stance on lgbtqia as I started researching and debating it. I started off thinking it was a choice and learned more and more it’s just not that simple.
I’d say the most important thing in getting into a discussion/debate like that is to want to grow and learn and be tried and to be real about not knowing the answers. Saying ‘I don’t know’ isn’t an admission that your argument is wrong or that you’ve changed your stance; it means you’re challenged to really articulate and sharpen your beliefs. So, I mean, argue to learn and just be real <3
But it’s not just a matter of being authentic I guess, there’s also arguing with someone you love about very personal subjects. That one is very very difficult for me personally too. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t want to lose a friendship I value so much. To start debating/discussing there I feel like my heart is ripped out of my soul, I can’t even find words for how much it hurts. But I can’t hide my opinions, I hate hate hate indirect accusations, or passive aggressiveness or underhandedness, I want everything in a relationship up front I want it to be us against a problem not me against you and all. I could avoid a lot of conflict if I’d just keep my piece but I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself for it.
I lost a very close friend to the ideas I’m arguing against and I always sort’ve reassess everything I said and did and wonder if I’d given more if maybe there’d have been a chance of avoid this. Probably not, I did what I thought was best with the information I had but I certainly could’ve done better. I don’t think I’d ever have been able to forgive myself if I hadn’t argued these point before she rejected Christianity. And I’m glad we can still talk reasonably civilly about these topics and I’m still learning from her and discussing these topics.
So the fear of conflict is nothing to the pain of letting someone drift away from the Truth. But I usually argue more long-distance, when things got heated over blm we started emailing each other instead to give space to answer logically and not reactively. We had to value friendship over the argument and it was hard not to get carried away, so that’s one thing.
I hope that helps! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to meet you too! <3

Ayn Rand was a Russian immigrant who staunchly spoke out against Communism and most of her major works dealt with how awful that ideology was. (“Anthem”, “The FountainHead”, “We The Living”, “Atlas Shrugged”, etc.) While I understand and enjoy Ayn Rand, I could not embrace her polar opposite philosophy of the “virtues of selfishness” nor her atheism.  But I do recommend reading “We The Living” if you would like to get a sense of post-Revolution Russia and the devastation it caused.  That is a very atmospheric and powerfully emotional work, and Ayn does a stellar job of giving you a sense of it.

Oh oh! I started to read Atlas Shrugged (but my sister caught me and she and Mom agreed it was a little old for me. I think I went to Dracula after that XD). But I’ll never forget the vivid imagery, I only read like the first half of the first chapter but it painted so many vibrant thematic pictures. I can’t watch the movies or read the books probably because of her “virtues of selfishness” and atheistic overtones

I actually have a question seeing as you’re well informed. How do you respond to someone who says that ‘oh communism is a great idea, it’s just never been done right.’ I’m getting that a lot, and I just really want an answer that will shut people up to be honest lol

*dramatic sigh as I pull out an excessive stack of economic/government books my mom made me learn for school* Allow me  to murder this argument piece by piece XD it may be a couple days this is a fairly busy week for me and I have joined way too many forums lol.

What’s the education system like in America? History classes in my school actually taught us about Soviet Russia as well as Fascism. Now history in schools is now a choice, people don’t have to take it after first year in high school (I think).

Oooooh don’t get me started on American education and “hate speech laws”!
Ok, so now there’s this “sex education” thing running rampant and this “find your gender/sexuality label as early as preschool” (which, to be fair, has helped some people struggling with lgbtqia under some circumstances) but a lot of Woke, New Age and quite frankly demonic studies are going across the board. It is at this point in time quite likely for the parents of a preschooler to get in a law suit if said preschooler says a prayer over her meal outloud–and horror worse still if she invites her friends to pray with her!
Do you know, they have done a so-called “study” in to porn to establish that “it has no negative impact on a child. In fact it can even make some child viewers “happy””. Disgusting, just a step away from saying minors can consent to sex and then that minors should be able to legally become prostitutes.
I don’t even know what excuse to a history class they give now. My sister was actually assigned the “Hamilton” Broadway musical for history (which, btw, only has cool choreography going for it; it’s historically inaccurate in every sense of the word, uses the f-word in every other song and frequently takes the Lord’s Name. As far as a drama, they managed to make the plot engaging but fanatically Leftist and did I mention it’s wildly inaccurate also?). It was a “fluff class” and irrelevant to her actual studies but I doubt the “real classes” are much better.

Here is an…impassioned…response to them. [Loving given, I might add. ] What arrogance one must have to think that all of the other people in all of the other countries who have tried “Socialism” and “Communism” that ALWAYS led to great suffering, the crushing of the human spirit, and naively deals with the realities of “human nature” did not “try” it correctly and they only have to look to “us” (not you) to model for them how it should have been done “correctly”.  We cannot even get some of the basic things in our lives straight and consistent. What makes anyone who has a half-functioning brain cell, look to the most power-hungry and incompetent bureaucrat, who personally demonstrates such elitism in their own lives and think that these are truly going to make it a better world for those they only want votes from.  I would highly recommend that you check out some PragerU videos online with people who lived under some of these “ideas” in real life, and fled them and are vocally speaking out against where these philosophies (human religions) lead.

What @obrian-of-the-surface-world said 😂.

Neasa, sometimes my best illustrations come in story. (I’d be interested to see what you think of it too, Cathy.) See if you can spot the Communist tactics in this scene I wrote for my WIP.

ooh I’ll have to take some time to unpack that before I reply (it should be very interesting 🥰)!

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