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This looks quite useful. Mind if I borrow it too?

Glad I could help! It’s gotten a bit lost in the archives 😉


First off, that character voice questionnaire is fantastic. I had a lot of the info on it already, but you had even more to share and put it all in a coherent and succinct manner. You know your stuff.

(LOL, I wish) Thank you! I’m glad I could help!

You’ve now inspired me to write a character who is so romantic that he uses metaphors and similes in his thoughts in the middle of a fight. xD

Honestly, it would be hilarious, especially if his similes are extremely flowery and specific XD

Yes, those examples were truly atrocious. I mean, how could someone write something so aweful…….No silly! Those were great and I would have enjoyed reading them in any book. The way you used those two similes to juxtapose two characters’ POV was a joy to read.

Oh, thank you! I think I actually used the ‘bleeding sky’ simile somewhere.

I had actually been planning on doing something similar with a character voice exercise by taking a couple scenes (maybe a stream in the woods and a village) and describing them from the three different POV’s of my main characters to help develop their character voices.

That’s a great idea! I heard of something similar you could do. You write the pieces without labeling which character is which, then you leave it for a week or so and see if you can recognize who is who. If you can’t, pick out the most distinctive quirks and exaggerate them. Repeat until you’re happy with it. I haven’t tried this myself, though XD

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